What are the words?

My boyfriend always pulls me up on songs that I sing along to because I have the words wrong.. i.e. ‘I went through the danger zone’ rather than ‘highway to the dangerzone’ (i’m still not convinced on that one).
This morning I heard this tune on the radio.. I though it was awesome, and started singing it when it finished, boyf teased me becasue I was singing ‘Shiny gun.. shiny shiny gun….’ and he said it was ‘Shiny blunt….. shiny, shiny blunt’ (that doesn’t even make sense!) – But victory pervailed when I googled ‘Shiny blunt’ and got nothing and tried ‘Shiny gun’ and found ‘Murder Weapon’ by Tricky – It has a mean Guy Ritchie-esque video clip and a killer  showdown, Tarantino-esque baseline..


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