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Hi there, I’m Emma Knight.

This blog is a place where I collect things that I like, sort of like a magpie: links, videos, images, stories about books, personal and professional…   It helps me to refind stuff.

And a bit about me? – I like reading about other people.. I like to think of myself as creative – more in the imagination way rather than the arts and craft way. I work as a Designer with a focus on User Experience.. that means being involved in the process of finding out what what people need to do then creating usable tools to help them do it.

I really enjoy the Information Architecture part, and the part where I get to prototype tools with the people who are going to use them. Firstly because it’s always surprising, secondly because I like hanging out with people more than sitting in front of a computer. And thirdly, as you reiterate and refine something you start to get it right, and people really dig stuff they can use.

I like a bit of visual design but don’t get to do enough of it.

I’m currently working at Shift in Auckland NZ

What else, I like to play. I like the concept of Idoru’s. I like writing about food. I like going fast, especially on a snowboard. I like social responsibility. I like people who play the ukulele.

When I grow up I want to be a writer who writes whimsical fiction.. but not romance, and to live in a stone cottage surrounded by lavender.


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