What are the words?

My boyfriend always pulls me up on songs that I sing along to because I have the words wrong.. i.e. ‘I went through the danger zone’ rather than ‘highway to the dangerzone’ (i’m still not convinced on that one).
This morning I heard this tune on the radio.. I though it was awesome, and started singing it when it finished, boyf teased me becasue I was singing ‘Shiny gun.. shiny shiny gun….’ and he said it was ‘Shiny blunt….. shiny, shiny blunt’ (that doesn’t even make sense!) – But victory pervailed when I googled ‘Shiny blunt’ and got nothing and tried ‘Shiny gun’ and found ‘Murder Weapon’ by Tricky – It has a mean Guy Ritchie-esque video clip and a killer  showdown, Tarantino-esque baseline..


FOOL’s GOLD – Suprise Hotel

Love it, American band. African sound with an American edge.

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Current best song ever :)

Fever Ray ‘Seven’

Love love love Fever Ray.. her latest video: She often gets other people to portray her in hervideos.

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Bonde Do Role – Solta O Frango

Brazo chicken fight, I love this sound.

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New York : A David Holmes Heist

New York : A David Holmes Heist

New York : A David Holmes Heist

Found this great blog, an art director whose an aspiring music supervisor for film..

8-bit trip

Sweet use of lego – c/o yokeparty.com

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All is full of love – Chris Cunningham appreciation moment

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Irrelevant Topic – by Beck

Irrelevant Topics by Beck

Irrelevant Topics by Beck

Beck’s one of my favourites. On his new site he has this section/project where he interviews other creatives.. I wonder if he’ll keep it up?

“Irrelevant Topics in a new section featuring conversations between musicians, artists, writers, etc. on various subjects, without promotional pretext or editorial direction. For the first in this series of conversations, the legendary musician and performer, Tom Waits agreed lend an hour of his time to talk about anything and nothing in particular. Here is Pt. 1 of that conversation.”

Dear Reader

Great White Bear by Dear Reader .. Gorgeous

Great White Bear Animation

Great White Bear Animation

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