The best guide to UXD

Whitney Hess is an independent user experience designer, writer and consultant based in New York City. She wrote this kick ass article for Mashable.

“Really, a user experience designer could help to improve a person’s experience with just about anything — a doorknob, a faucet, a shopping cart. We just don’t typically refer to the people using those things as “users,” but they are.”

“As user experience designers we have to find the sweet spot between the user’s needs and the business goals, and furthermore ensure that the design is on brand.”

“If you make assumptions about the people you expect to use your product or service — who they are, how they behave, what makes them tick — you’ll probably always be wrong. But take the time to get to know them, and hire the appropriate person to facilitate the process, and you can ensure you’ll get it right.”

You can read it here:

You can read about her experience here:


Lady Sovereign – I Got You Dancing

I don’t know if I hate it or love it… it has moments of cheese trance vocal vocoding…. an aggressive midget chav..  a thriller/grease video theme.. though it is very catchy, and has a grit Kane was missing in 808s and heartbreak..

National Encylopedia – with tag cloud rainbow search

Tag Cloud Rainbow Search

Tag Cloud Rainbow Search

“The assignment of the National Encyclopedia is to disseminate knowledge. We do so in different ways to offer knowledge written by over 4 000 experts and edited by our in-house editors: the free part of which gives the whole Swedish population access to concise and fact-checked knowledge; the large which offers in-depth information in 460 000 articles, together with a Swedish-English and English-Swedish dictionary, interactive maps etc.; and NE SCHOOL which offers inspiration, home study support, theme packages, films and articles written specially for students and teachers.”

Unlimited Creativity – BOOTB the pitching engine

BootB platform is built to run Pitches. You can start your own Pitch and get Solutions from an unlimited number of Creators from anywhere on the entire planet. In this case we will call you a Brand Builder. Or you can participate in any Pitch you like and publish your Solutions that will be received directly by a Brand. Then we will call you a Creator.

As a result – instant access to Unlimited Creativity for everyone on the planet!”

Unlimited Creativity

Unlimited Creativity

New Zealand Stock Imagery – Great idea, quite a bit more expensive than istock.

My Chilly Bin

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